RIPE is a graduate arts programme run by 'aspace' arts, providing early career artists to establish and maintain a professional practice within Southampton beyond a University setting. 

“Hidden explores its own position as an artwork in the context of the location and society it resides in. The viewer is given only a glimpse of what lays beyond the surface, concealed behind the glass; the movement of the material sparks their curiosity. The work demands attention from passers by and asks us to acknowledge the physical realm in an increasingly digital and visually saturated world.

Falling into the shadows of the current art-world trends of elusive light features and reflective displays, Hidden makes purposely naïve visual connections to emphasise the ways our growing digital environment is impacting our physical world.”

 Mango Smoothie Artist Workshop - Object Manipulation

Workshop aims

  • Forming new relationships with objects and the environments they are in

  • Spending time connecting with objects, playing with any and all ways that one can ‘manipulate’ these forms and subsequently manipulate their visual understanding

  • Placing value on objects that seem valueless

  • Heightening awareness of the effect of environments in which we experience.

Workshop Outcome

A collection of manipulated site-specific objects, placed in the environments that they were made and then critiqued

The final art objects will then both left and photographed. These photographic and sculptural works will be displayed collectively within the same space. A curatorial topic to be discussed within the crits, showing the importance of collaborative thought in forming conversations between the objects.

Ideally the photographs could be placed in the position/location that the objects lay, moulding against the site-specific walls and floors.




















Ripe Mangoes #01

































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